Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor made a visit to Dahab to surprise current technical and sidemount students Nene Kurronen and Andy Gilligan. Nene is currently in the process of assisting on a Trimix course featuring Dimitri Galle while Andy has focused on mastering the sidemount configuration. Andy’s enthusiasm for sidemount perked Mary’s interest and when she saw the latest video from Team Blue ImmersionFX (check out our Media page or its feature in the PADI TecRec Blog) she signed up instantly for the recreational sidmount diver course.

The morning was spent with Andy providing a great briefing on the many advantages of sidemount diving (why sidemount?). As Mary came to Blue Immersion as an advanced diver, she found the ‘bridge’ aspect of sidemount diving beneficial. Sidemount diving is a great opportunity for divers to get an introduction to key concepts behind techicnal diving with topics of redundancy and safety being talking about in depth.

Andy, Nene, and Mary after a farewell dive at Lighthouse.

Mary picked it up fast and enjoyed the Hollis SMS 100 unit with instructor Erik Brown. Special thanks to Mary for a great visit/course and Andy Gilligan for his excellent instruction and enthusiasm during his instructor training. Tomorrow we start off another sidemount course with current trimix student Lieven Bogaert newly arriving student William.

say tuned for more…