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With sidemount popularity exploding, major diving manufacturers are following suit and creating a variety of newly designed sidemount systems. There are two major differences in the various new units that are now available for sidemount diving – SM or SMS units. It important for the end user to understand both the positive and negative attribute of each. For more information of sidemount diving refer to ‘Tips and Tricks’ and ‘Why Sidemount?’

A ‘SIDE MOUNT SYSTEM’ is a complete multi purpose unit that combines a wing, harness, and backplate into one singular unit. These units are ideal for many reasons. With such a ‘complete’ unit, travel and equipment needs are can be minimized while still making sure you don’t miss out on any dives. The units are designed to be completely be taken apart and with the options to be using each part of the unit individually if desired.
With the sidemount component removed the wing can now be used as any normal wing for backmount diving along with normal deco regulators. With the unit complete it can now obviously for most of the dives that require a sidemount configuration.

Examples of such SMS multi purpose units are:
Hollis SMS 100 (used by Team Blue Immersion)
Dive Rite Nomad

These ‘SIDE MOUNT’ units are designed for the serious cave or wreck diver in mind. These units are sidemount ONLY unit and the wing can not be used for back mounted diving as well. Consequently they are even further streamlined and more basic then the above mentioned multi purpose units. The minimalistic design allows cave divers to use much small bladders that for some are separate units and can be warn separately. Accessibility to tight restrictions and comfort may make a SM unit preferred for some. The ‘Sidemount Only’ unit is the choice for anyone with caves and wrecks in mind or for any diver who already purchased a back-mounted unit and have no need for the flexibility of a Sidemount System.

Examples of such SM units are
Hollis SM 50 (on order)
Razor (used by Team Blue Immersion)
Custom Harness (custom fitted and assembled here at Team Blue Immersion)

Do your research and make sure you receive the proper training to fully enjoy the many benefits of sidemount diving…

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