William Remezond and Lieven Bogaert – Round 1

Another great day of sidemount diving here today here at Blue Immersion. Although the sun stayed tucked behind the clouds (first time in months), William and Lieven were eager to get in the water and continue their training from yesterday. Yesterday started with Andy Gilligan helping with a briefing on equipment configuration and showing the various units available on the sidemount market. The Hollis SMS100 and its versatility were the focus but Lieven’s Nomad, the Razor, UTD Z Wing, and a few other options were on display. Lieven’s multipurpose Nomad was a perfect example of their many uses as it is the same wing he will be using on upcoming trimix dives here at the Blue Hole.

Lieven, Erik, and William after a morning training dive

Lieven and William came as very experienced trimix divers, but each with different interests in sidemount diving (why sidemount?). William is keen to start cave diving where familiarity on the sidemount configuration is a must. Lieven prefers the comfort and logistical benefits of sidemount diving. Both seem to love it equally but for different reasons.

Initial training yesterday in confined water was used to run through the skills in the recreational sidemount diver course. Fining techniques and body position came easy to the experienced divers as they got used to the new setup in the shallows out front Lighthouse Bay. After minor changes to configuration (half the battle in sidemount diving…see tips and tricks), today was spend perfecting out of air simulations and gas shut down drills.

Fining techniques and unclipping skills followed in the perfect training ground in the buoyancy course only meters from Team Blue Immersions base.

Tomorrow the team is back in the water and practicing more skills and introducing deco tanks as part of their techincal sidemount training…

more fun to come

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor made a visit to Dahab to surprise current technical and sidemount students Nene Kurronen and Andy Gilligan. Nene is currently in the process of assisting on a Trimix course featuring Dimitri Galle while Andy has focused on mastering the sidemount configuration. Andy’s enthusiasm for sidemount perked Mary’s interest and when she saw the latest video from Team Blue ImmersionFX (check out our Media page or its feature in the PADI TecRec Blog) she signed up instantly for the recreational sidmount diver course.

The morning was spent with Andy providing a great briefing on the many advantages of sidemount diving (why sidemount?). As Mary came to Blue Immersion as an advanced diver, she found the ‘bridge’ aspect of sidemount diving beneficial. Sidemount diving is a great opportunity for divers to get an introduction to key concepts behind techicnal diving with topics of redundancy and safety being talking about in depth.

Andy, Nene, and Mary after a farewell dive at Lighthouse.

Mary picked it up fast and enjoyed the Hollis SMS 100 unit with instructor Erik Brown. Special thanks to Mary for a great visit/course and Andy Gilligan for his excellent instruction and enthusiasm during his instructor training. Tomorrow we start off another sidemount course with current trimix student Lieven Bogaert newly arriving student William.

say tuned for more…


Check out the NEW SIDEMOUNT video shot here by Team Blue Immersion Fx celebrating the release of the new PADI Technical Sidemount Course. Jonas Samuellson received the first Instructor Trainer Rating and course commence shortly. Team Blue Immersion is using the SMS 100 for Hollis, a great multi-purpose unit for all types of sidemount diving.

Check out more videos and photos on the Media Page.


Team Blue Immersion in Dahab, Egypt now offering as one of the first divecenters in the world both PADI recreational and tec sidemount diver and instructor courses.

andy gilligan

Andy Gilligan, a good friend from Koh Tao, has come to do some diving with Team Blue Immersion. With interests in both sidemount and rebreather training he is sure to be spending his fair share of time in the water.  The day started off with an extensive lecture on the course outline, equipment configuration, types of units, and the many benefits of sidemount diving.

Below, Andy starts training off in the the shallows and works on proper buoyency, trim, and finning technique during a 2 hour skill workshop.

Dive two was an early morning dive with calm waters here in Dahab. Andy decided to take the lazy route to the dive site on the back on the trolley proving further a great advantage to sidemount diving and the ease of getting to and from dive sites. A bit of a rocky entrance also made the the use of sidemounts a bonus while mounting the tank in the water proved for an easy entry with multiple cylinders.

A shallow water dive from Mashraba to Lighthouse followed a decent and bubble check. Multiple cylinders and gas reserve allowed for training invovling unclipping single and duel cylinders simultaneously with frequent stops for marine life. The 1.5 hour dive ended with some play time in the obstacle course right infront of the exit point.

Instructor training is next for Andy and is currently preparing academic presentations and equipment config lectures while fun divning on the Hollis SMS 100.

Pefect training before his rebreather course which will include a sidemount configuration for the bail out gasses.

more to come

Sidemount Diving Course Dahab, Egypt 2012

Andrew Gilligan arrived in Dahab, Egypt for some sidemount diving and PADI CCR Type R training. Andy is going to take the sidemount diver, sidemount instructor and padi Type R rebreather diver and advanced diver training. Andy is staying with us for 2 months and we have some awesome diving to do together during the first part of 2012.

On the picture – some introduction twin training to get some of the worst diving withdrawal out of the system before the courses starts. On the pic is Nene Kurronon who arrived for IDC Crossover and TecDeep and TecRec Trimix Course.

Let the fun begin!