Aron Arngrimsson – SMS50 review #3

Aron is a core member and operator of both Team Blue Immersion and Dahab Divers Technical. As an accomplished technical diving instructor and professional videographer for Team Blue ImmersionFX, his focus has been on teaching video students not only proper video techniques, but also important safety techniques ensuring the technical concepts of redundancy. For more information refer to His philosophy is that the buoyancy and multiple tanks awarded with sidemount diving make it PERFECT for underwater video.

“the SMS 50 is ideal for recreational diving and underwater videography to recreational limits. I managed to get some extraordinary long shots up close and personal with a Hawksbill turtle a couple of centimeters off the bottom and i felt absolutely no strain doing so with the comfort of the SMS 50. The unit is very straight forward and user friendly. The size of it is more compatible for people of all heights. It is easy to travel with, it is safer for videographers having an independent air source and it is ideal for any recreational sidemount diver whether your are a novice or an experienced diver.”

For more amazing vidoes made by Aron Arngrimsson please visit Team Blue ImmersionFX‘s vimeo site. All video where filmed on either a technical or sidemount configuration.