Micheal ‘Canny’ Cairnes

Good friend and former colleague from Thailand has returned for a visit to sunny Dahab for some Trimix and sidemount training. After numerous visits to Egypt over the years Canny knew that the Blue Hole and Dahab was the perfect location for such training here with Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical

With a brand new dry suit, training started with conversation about the numerous systems on the market and the advantage of multi-purpose units vs. strictly sidemount setups. The SMS 100 from Hollis is the unit of choice here for many reasons, and after minor changes to personalize the unit training began in the shallows out front Dahab Divers technical.

The added weight required when diving in a dry suit combined with the salt bouyant waters here in Dahab are easily solved with the 6 pocket weigh system designed here by good friend Zakari Al Sayed and Team Blue Immersion. The 12 kg required to keep bouyancy are easily distruped comfortbale on the back where they can barely be felt and can be adjusted fore proper trim position. More information regarding the pockets here at (tips and trick) or contact Erik directly at erik@blue-immersion.org

Emergency and gas management drills were conducted numerous times and hours were spent in the buoyancy course with specialized finning techniques and staging drills. Dive 3 was conducted at beautiful Canyons, a perfect dive site for the sidemount configuration, and Dive 4 to finish off the course was a long drift dive from Mashraba to Bannerfish Bay. After a decent to 30m to view the pinnacles in Mashraba, a slow traverse to Bannerfish bay was filled with more octopus than you could count and the biggest turtle i have seen in Dahab.

The large air supply provided by sidmeount diving let us stop for photos and enjoy the marine life along the way before surfacing directly in front of the shop. With a couple of days before the start of the trimix course i’m sure well have time to get out and enjoy a few more dives on the Hollis SMS100.

Cheers Canny, its been fun