Robert Lange – SM50 Review #1

Robert was the student i mentioned in the intro to the new Hollis SM50 blog who actually delayed completing his course so he would be one of the very few to dive on the new unit. Robert is an experienced instructor from Germany and was a sidemount enthusiast before ever even trying it. I started the course with my initial lecture on the benefits of sidemount diving, different units, and equipment configuration. It started with “what do you know about sidemounts..?” He pretty much replied with an answer that comprised a substantial majority of my initial lecture regarding why sidemounts and varying units available. He had done his recreach. His reaction upon arrival to Dahab that in a couple days we would have the Hollis SM50 was entertaining. Our anticipation was equel. It took day after his arrival to convince him that he wasn’t going to be the first person to dive the unit. He was the second…

“As probably the first student in the world I was lucky enough to dive the Hollis SMS50 on my final
dive during my sidemount instructor course with Team Blue Immersion in Dahab/Eypt.
The SMS50 is an incredible unit to dive with. While wearing it on land before and after the dive you don’t feel pretty much nothing on your back. As soon as you are in the water and starting to gear up you will feel the
massive improvements in configuration. The big difference is felt when you dive on it. Right from the start you are pretty much in proper trim postion and balanced. Nothing is dangling around. I am a photographer and its asolutely a MUST-HAVE for any underwater photographer and/or videographer. Taking pictures/footages never has been so comfortable.
Rob fitting through some tight holes in buoyancy world during some training dives
If you are in Germany or plan a dive trip just drop me an email and come for
a sidemount dive on the Hollis SMS50 in one of our nice lakes around Leipzig
(as soon it is available).