Sidemount in Dahab, Egypt

Sidemount started as a way for cave divers to be able to penetrate tighter restrictions, but is spread over to other fields of diving. Today we are using sidemount in many different fields of diving including cave and wreck penetrations as earlier mentioned, bail out tanks for CCR Rebreather diving, when we film independently, or when we are in areas where twins with manifold is hard to come by. We even use sidemount plates when diving twins sometimes to better streamline out deco tanks or to store reels.

Team Blue Immersion offer Sidemount both for recreational and technical divers. As part of a recreational course or any technical courses we offer.

We are using both multipurpose sidemount like the Dive rite Nomad and The Hollis SMS100 and Sidemount only system like the SM50.

For more information about sidemount diving talk to Team Blue Immersions Sidemount Specialist Erik Brown,