William Remezond and Lieven Bogaert – Round 2 (100m dive)

We are always very lucky here at Blue Immersion and Dahab Divers Technical to have great groups of both people and divers cross our path. The past couple weeks were no different. Lieven and William came as independent divers for recreational and technical sidemount training and instantly became a great team along with fellow divers Dimitri Galle (normoxic trimix) and Nene Kurronen (trimix instructor). After initial training on the Hollis SMS 100, the guys took a break to utilize the depth and amazing environment that is the Blue Hole (article on the Blue Hole here). Both experienced technical divers had a dream of hitting the magic 100m mark and realized the Blue Hole is the perfect location for such a dive.

100 meter dive at the Blue Hole – Dahab from Twilight Divers on Vimeo.

The dive was perfect. Jonas Samuelsson was dive leader, Aron from Blue Immersion FX was filming, and Erik was support. Check out the video here or others at the Blue Immersion Vimeo page. With a day off to relax and the enjoy their accomplishment, instructor training back on the technical sidemount configuration followed.

New student Kerry Thorp has come to do video training with Aron, and for the many reason listed in (Why Sidemount) started off her course with some sidemount training. The safety of redundancy while filming is an important concept while filming here at TBI. William and Lieven started the morning with great briefs about how the course will work, the benefits, and equipment configuration.

Team Blue Immersion would like to thanks William and Lieven for a great couple weeks and wish them safe travels home to their respective countries. Cant wait to get you guys back for some more diving. Congrats again on your sidemount instructor ratings and your 100m dive.


William Remezond and Lieven Bogaert – Round 1

Another great day of sidemount diving here today here at Blue Immersion. Although the sun stayed tucked behind the clouds (first time in months), William and Lieven were eager to get in the water and continue their training from yesterday. Yesterday started with Andy Gilligan helping with a briefing on equipment configuration and showing the various units available on the sidemount market. The Hollis SMS100 and its versatility were the focus but Lieven’s Nomad, the Razor, UTD Z Wing, and a few other options were on display. Lieven’s multipurpose Nomad was a perfect example of their many uses as it is the same wing he will be using on upcoming trimix dives here at the Blue Hole.

Lieven, Erik, and William after a morning training dive

Lieven and William came as very experienced trimix divers, but each with different interests in sidemount diving (why sidemount?). William is keen to start cave diving where familiarity on the sidemount configuration is a must. Lieven prefers the comfort and logistical benefits of sidemount diving. Both seem to love it equally but for different reasons.

Initial training yesterday in confined water was used to run through the skills in the recreational sidemount diver course. Fining techniques and body position came easy to the experienced divers as they got used to the new setup in the shallows out front Lighthouse Bay. After minor changes to configuration (half the battle in sidemount diving…see tips and tricks), today was spend perfecting out of air simulations and gas shut down drills.

Fining techniques and unclipping skills followed in the perfect training ground in the buoyancy course only meters from Team Blue Immersions base.

Tomorrow the team is back in the water and practicing more skills and introducing deco tanks as part of their techincal sidemount training…

more fun to come