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Team Blue Immersion’s Jonas Samuelsson will one of the first instructors trainers in the world to be teaching the new technical sidemount course as of this morning. The first few students are standing by and course should start shortly. This is great news for Team Blue Immersion as they have been awaiting the release of the new course for both recreational and technicial sidemount courses through PADI. As of now recreational courses are being taught through a distintive course and technical sidemount is being taught along side the Tech Deep course.

Juan and Erik during Technical Sidemount training in the Blue Hole

Technical Sidemount Dive in The Arch

email erik@blue-immersion.org for more details


Juan Rodriguez

Sharm el Shek native Jaun Rodriquez came to Team Blue Immersion as a very experienced TDI tech instructor for some cross-over training into the PADI system with team leader and Instructor Trainer Jonas Samuelsson. Before tomorrows presentations on deco ratio and assisting on Nene Kurroens trimix course (updates soon) Jaun started his training here in Dahab with both sidemount diver and sidemount instructor courses.

Jaun instantly felt at home in the new Hollis SMS 100 system. A bonus to most SMS (side mount systems) is the ease of finding that proper trim that is required to utilize the sleek profile and exploratory benefits of sidemount diving. Minor adjustments to the equipment (tip and tricks) followed safety and weight checks with some time getting comfortable with the new configuration.

Skill circuits were conducted out front lighthouse bay in the shallows. Dives later that day took place at Mashraba, were Juan showed the versatility of the SMS 100 unit by removing the wing and just using the harness and dry suit for buoyancy. Doesnt get any more comfortable then nothing on your back and only two tanks down the side. Erik joined testing out some custom made harness systems in the shallows.

As part of Juan’s instructor training, he gave a very thorough briefing to Nene Kurronen about the many benefits to sidemount diving and different configuration techniques. Juan used the ipad to show varying units available for sidemount diving. With two major differences in units – a multi purpose system vs a strictly cave diving system, it is important to understand both benefits before purchasing a personal unit.

Dives in the afternoon were used to practice with 4 tanks in preparation for an upcoming technical sidemount dive in The Arch with the entire Blue Immersion team. A certified sidemount diver may combine technical diving aspects to the sidemount configuration if their level of training provides. PADI has annoucned the release of their technical sidemount course and Blue Immersion will be the first to be teaching these courses upon their release.

Yesterdays dive with Juan on technical sidemount was the best dive of the year for myself. Jonas and Nene were conducting a trimix dive as part of her course and Aron was in the water filming and capturing some amazing footage. The comfort of a sidemount configuration combined with integrated technical safety aspects made for an excellent dive in The Arch.

Stay tuned for pics and video updates of a great day the Blue Hole.

andy gilligan

Andy Gilligan, a good friend from Koh Tao, has come to do some diving with Team Blue Immersion. With interests in both sidemount and rebreather training he is sure to be spending his fair share of time in the water.  The day started off with an extensive lecture on the course outline, equipment configuration, types of units, and the many benefits of sidemount diving.

Below, Andy starts training off in the the shallows and works on proper buoyency, trim, and finning technique during a 2 hour skill workshop.

Dive two was an early morning dive with calm waters here in Dahab. Andy decided to take the lazy route to the dive site on the back on the trolley proving further a great advantage to sidemount diving and the ease of getting to and from dive sites. A bit of a rocky entrance also made the the use of sidemounts a bonus while mounting the tank in the water proved for an easy entry with multiple cylinders.

A shallow water dive from Mashraba to Lighthouse followed a decent and bubble check. Multiple cylinders and gas reserve allowed for training invovling unclipping single and duel cylinders simultaneously with frequent stops for marine life. The 1.5 hour dive ended with some play time in the obstacle course right infront of the exit point.

Instructor training is next for Andy and is currently preparing academic presentations and equipment config lectures while fun divning on the Hollis SMS 100.

Pefect training before his rebreather course which will include a sidemount configuration for the bail out gasses.

more to come

PADI Standard Sidemount Course

Team Blue Immersion wrote its own PADI Sidemount Course in the beginning of January and are already teaching both Recreational and Technical Sidemount. Now PADI is releasing a standardized Sidemount Course.

Here is an extract from PADIs TecRec blog:

Sidemount Diver Course Coming

The growing popularity of sidemount diving may very well revolutionize the way recreational divers explore the underwater world, which is why the PADI organization is expanding its tec course offerings to include the PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course. Launching in late third quarter 2011, the PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course is yet another way PADI Tec Revolution is taking the dive industry by storm.

Originating in the cave diving community, the advantages of sidemount diving have generated a surge in interest among recreational divers. While a PADI Sidemount Diver Distinctive Specialty has been available for more than 10 years, the organization is now mainstreaming the course to meet growing demand. Diving with a sidemount configuration – that is, with cylinders positioned on diver’s sides instead of on the back – allows for easier equipment transportation when topside, reduced lower back strain and a redundant gas supply.

Mark Caney, vice president of Rebreather Technologies in the PADI said, “Sidemount diving was first thought of as a way of allowing better access to certain types of underwater caves. But, a lot of divers have discovered that, when carrying two or more cylinders, it makes sense to do so on the hips rather than the back. Personally, I far prefer it. Cylinders can be carried separately on land and removed and replaced in the water, if needed, valves are easily accessible underwater, and it’s easier to assemble a tec rig when travelling. Add the ability to finely control your trim underwater and this is a winning combination, making the PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course a perfect fit into the PADI TecRec course line-up.”

Equipment manufacturers are meeting increased recreational diver demand with dedicated buoyancy control devices, harnesses and regulator configurations for sidemount diving. Soon, with the PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course, recreational divers can easily obtain the training necessary to safely enjoy the benefits of sidemount configurations.

The PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course will provide structured training for recreational divers learning to use equipment in this configuration. Knowledge development and practical application will be included, allowing divers to learn how to properly set-up and configure sidemount kits. Divers will also participate in a series of open water training sessions to learn how to get the most out of this approach to diving.

For more information regarding the PADI Tec Revolution and upcoming PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course, contact your local PADI Technical Consultants.

Sidemount Diving Course Dahab, Egypt 2012

Andrew Gilligan arrived in Dahab, Egypt for some sidemount diving and PADI CCR Type R training. Andy is going to take the sidemount diver, sidemount instructor and padi Type R rebreather diver and advanced diver training. Andy is staying with us for 2 months and we have some awesome diving to do together during the first part of 2012.

On the picture – some introduction twin training to get some of the worst diving withdrawal out of the system before the courses starts. On the pic is Nene Kurronon who arrived for IDC Crossover and TecDeep and TecRec Trimix Course.

Let the fun begin!

Sidemount in Dahab, Egypt

Sidemount started as a way for cave divers to be able to penetrate tighter restrictions, but is spread over to other fields of diving. Today we are using sidemount in many different fields of diving including cave and wreck penetrations as earlier mentioned, bail out tanks for CCR Rebreather diving, when we film independently, or when we are in areas where twins with manifold is hard to come by. We even use sidemount plates when diving twins sometimes to better streamline out deco tanks or to store reels.

Team Blue Immersion offer Sidemount both for recreational and technical divers. As part of a recreational course or any technical courses we offer.

We are using both multipurpose sidemount like the Dive rite Nomad and The Hollis SMS100 and Sidemount only system like the SM50.

For more information about sidemount diving talk to Team Blue Immersions Sidemount Specialist Erik Brown, erik@blue-immersion.org


Sidemount, Dahab

Welcome to Team Blue Immersion!

Team Blue Immersion adopts a new philosophy where we break the traditional approach of teaching diving. We replace the previous Instructor / Student relationship with a ‘ Team’ where the students become apart of all aspects of the diving – from the planning to the execution of the dives. By applying a team approach during the course the student already from the start embrace the value of working as a group to increase safety and enjoyment not only during but also after the training is completed.

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By being involved in the complete diving experience you will become better prepared to plan and execute dives as a technical diver and team member. Instructor candidates, both recreational and technical, will be better prepared to organize and teach courses.

NEWS FROM TEAM BLUE IMMERSION DAHAB! NEW CCR REBREATHER WORLD RECORD! 283 METERS ORGANIZED BY PLANET DIVERS. Congratulations to Krzysztof Starnawski for beating the CCR Worldrecord with 283 meters

Team Blue Immersion embrace the DIR Philosophy while teaching all technical courses. This means that we apply DIR equipment configuration and skill sets. We believe there is no point of starting any skills practice without proper buoyancy, trim and propulsion. We spend hours, if not days, making sure that you are confident being in a trim position and being comfortable in the use of many different propulsion techniques prior to adding any other skills into the equation. Before starting any skill practice, regardless of training, we ensure that the student master buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques. During the training all skills are conducted in a trim position and with a standardized equipment configuration. Standardization of the equipment has been proven to not only solving problems, but actually prevent them. For any specialized diving activity we add items needed without changing the existing configuration. Our opinion is by teaching any technical diving course with DIR (when we say DIR we mean standardization of the teams equipment suitable for the specific objective you have for a dive, we don’t mean by DIR that only brand is accepted) and as a mindset can only benefit the student and the instructor  candidate.

Team Blue Immersion invite you to a life changing experience where you become a part of a unique team consisting of some of the most experienced divers in the world.

Technical Rescue CoursePADI Intro and Full CavePADI Advanced Wreck DiverPADI Type T (Technical) CCR Rebreather Courses and Technical Instructor Trainer Orientation.

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