Kiki Tyler
Local resident of Dahab and good friend of Blue Immersion with some kind words on her sidemount course conducted here with Team Blue Immersion member Aron Arngrímsson.

“Diving on side mount was completely alien to me at first as I had only ever been on recreational gear. I must admit – there were times when my mask was flooding from laughter! but once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed the comfort and freedom of having no tanks on my back. Also, Had a wicked time at the bouyancy park at Light house as well as guided dives around the reef.”

Domonic “Bear” Smith
A dive center manager and master instructor, Bear arrived in Dahab with fellow friend and Course Director Jeffery ‘Chopper’ Glen. Both added sidemount diver and sidemount instructor to their tech and trimix instructor training and finishing off with an amazing 100m dive with Team Blue Immersion at The Blue Hole

“sidemount diving is a lot of fun. I did not think of trying it until i was on holiday in dahab doing some tec diving with team blue immersion. At the end of my trip the guys asked me to give it a try and i’m really glad i did. I’ve done literally thousands of dives so trying something new is always welcome, and sidemount feels good! the gear is really cool and feels pretty natural even the first time, the movement in the water is fluid and smooth and kinda makes you feel like swimming around exicitedly like the first dives you ever took. when i talk about sidemount diving to people they get exicited and really want to try it, i actually just about to buy my first sidemount rig to dive around my local sites with. And lastly, team blue immersion are awesome… do it with them!

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