the new HOLLIS SM50

The long awaited arrival of the Hollis SM50 finally came to an end with some help from Hollis and AquaZone here in Egypt. Still currently unreleased with only a few test models existing in the world, Team Blue Immersion was honored to be one of the first teams chosen to test the new sleek unit. Scuba forums and sidemount clubs worldwide have been talking about the release for months now, as Hollis has seemingly taken over the sidemount market. The SMS 100 (the multipurpose unit and big brother to the SM50) has been a pleasure to teach and dive on, with its diversity for caves, technical sidemount, and recreational sidemount second to none.

The SM50 is the new, sleeker, and more streamlined ‘sidemount only’ unit released by Hollis. Unlike its predecessor, it is designed strictly for sidemount diving and not capable of supporting a twin set or extra tanks for technical sidemount diving. The new design and low profile of the wing and harness makes for an INCREDIBLY comfortable, streamlined, and easy to use unit underwater.
Its anticipation was seen immediately. Our team was at the shop at 7am (early for us) to get in the water early for the initial test dives. Sidemount enthusiast drove 1.5 hours to see the unit, students are ‘fighting’ over who gets to us it next, and one student even postponed his course a few days to ensure he was taught on the new SM50.
Over the next 3-4 weeks Team Blue Immersion FX is going to be making a SM50 promotional video for Hollis, showcasing the amazing new SM50. Thistlegorn wreck, Snake Cave, Canyons, and Bells as perfect locations to demonstrate the many benefits that the new SM unit provdes. Stay tuned for daily updates on courses and diver reviews of the UNREAL new Hollis SM50.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we are…

Team Blue Immersion

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