Tips and Hints

Proper weight system are crucial when diving Sidemount. Due to this reason Team Blue Immersion joined forces with Zakaria El-Sayed and produced a weight pocket system for the Hollis SMS100. This weight pocket system can carry 1-12kg and allows divers to position weights according to their preference. The unit is very streamlined, easy to travel with, and attaches easily through the preexisting bolting system.

Any questions regarding the weight pocket system or for sales contact:

Team Blue Immersion weightsystem for hollis sms100

Teaching Tools
The GoPro is a valuable tool for teaching any technical diving course. The head mounted attachment allows instructors to wear the camera while later providing an instructor’s ‘point of view’ for the entire dive while being hands free.

The advantage to such a teaching tool is the ability to verbally and visually talk through skills with the student, otherwise complicated underwater. Buoyancy technique, body position, and fining techniques can then be shown to students as instructors can pause and dissect each as needed. For students to constantly see their skills improve and perfect body position is crucial in the development of safe diving practices.

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