The SMS 100 unit used here at team blue immersion is a multi-purpose sidemount system. This means it is a combined harness, backplate, and wing all in one unit. This provides many advantages when traveling as a technical diver. For most, diving trip may include many different types of dives and profiles. Locations may provide divers with the ability to participate in cave diving, some deep ocean oceans, and fun recreational dives. If you are a fan of all types of technical diving or an instructor, then the SMS 100 or similar units have obvious benefits.If anyone has tried to travel with the abundance of gear that technical diving requires, then the reason behind the SMS 100 are apparent.

A single complete SMS 100, our Tek 3 sets, and 2 deco regs can now be altered or transformed to let the diver participant is any type of dive. The unit can accommodate your standard twinset diving and the ability to remove the wing allows a diver to use just the sidemount harness over a dry suit. Using the dry suit as a buoyancy compensator, ultimate freedom is achieved with virtually nothing on the back of the diver. If the sidemount harness is removed from the BC, The harness and wing can now act as a standard tech setup with a twin set bolted to the back. The deco regs that would normally be used are easily changed to accommodate your sidemount configuration. A complete system enable a diver to cut their gear in half and still be able to dive in most sites.

This versatility has benefits for diving in more remote locations also, where a twin set might be not be found. Unless you plan to travel with tank bands and manifolds then a sidemount configuration might be the only method of multiple tank diving in certain locations. People with back problems, long distances to dive sites, or tricky entries may make heavy twin tanks cumbersome. The ability to carry tanks individually or mount the tanks in the water might be a necessity.

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